Consumer Law

KLF's California Consumer Law Attorneys Can Help

Consumer law is a varied field. It encompasses all sorts of issues related to an individual or business purchasing goods or services. Everything from faulty products to unfair competition, false advertising to a company losing personal data fall within its scope.

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Data Breaches

Companies increasingly fail to safeguard the personal and financial information of their customers. Either because businesses inadvertently release private information or because outsiders hack into corporate systems, data breaches have unfortunately… Read More

False Advertising

While it often doesn’t seem like the case, companies can’t actually say whatever they want in advertising their goods and services. Businesses operating in California must comply with the state’s false advertising laws. These laws protect consu… Read More

Product Liability

Businesses may be liable under California law for products liability in a variety of circumstances. First, a business may be held liable if a product is defectively designed. For example, if a cabinet is poorly designed such that it easily tips over… Read More

Unfair Business Practices

California’s Unfair Competition Law protects consumers from unfair business practices. What constitutes an unfair business practice is very open ended. Courts have used terms such as immoral, unethical, oppressive, unscrupulous, and substantially i… Read More

Unwanted Texts, Calls & Faxes

In many instances, federal law protects individuals and businesses from receiving unwanted text messages, calls, and faxes. Different rules apply based on what sort of device is receiving the communication. How Our Consumer Law Attorneys Help You KLF… Read More