False Advertising

While it often doesn’t seem like the case, companies can’t actually say whatever they want in advertising their goods and services. Businesses operating in California must comply with the state’s false advertising laws. These laws protect consumers from falsehoods that a business may want to use in order to sell their products. Misleading statements may also be covered by the state’s false advertising laws even if the statement itself is not, strictly speaking, false.

California’s false advertising laws can be used to pursue companies that, for example, inaccurately state the amount of product in a package, claim that a product is free of some ingredient when it is in fact not, or omit a key fact about the product that makes the advertisement as a whole misleading.

How Our Consumer Law Attorneys Help You

KLF's consumer law attorneys work with you to determine if you have a viable false advertising claim. If so, we evaluate your options for compensation, negotiate on your behalf, and file a lawsuit as necessary. If we find that others were harmed by the same type of deception in advertising, we may be able to help them, too.

Contact us regardless of whether or not you are sure you have a case. We are here to help you make that determination. Based in Glendale, we represent consumers in the Los Angeles area and throughout California. All consultations are free and confidential.

Talk to an Attorney About a False Advertising Claim

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