I don’t think I have the time right now to deal with a lawsuit, even though I may have a viable claim.

Contrary to how lawsuits are sometimes portrayed on television and in movies, litigation is not something that takes up a huge amount of time for our clients. Just like how you may hand over your receipts and various documents to your accountant each year to prepare and file your taxes, you would hire the Kizirian Law Firm to deal with your claims so that your involvement can be minimal. These days, most lawsuits end one way or another before going to trial. If there is no trial, you likely never need to go down to the courthouse. Indeed, once we meet and you hire us, the only time that you would likely even have to go to an office would be for our preparation and subsequent interview with the other side’s lawyer — what is known as a deposition. Even a deposition does not occur in every case. Aside from this minimal in person requirement, we rely on technology to communicate and to gather documents, whether by phone, text, email, or post, so that you may go about your life.

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